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Increase your conversions with a custom error page.

404 Page Design

Every web page on your website is an opportunity to engage and convert visitors into customers.

Custom 404 Page Design
What is a 404 Error Page?

A 404 error is an HTTP status code that means the server could not find the web page selected. When a page gets removed, moved, or the user types in the wrong URL, they are redirected to the site error page.

The common 404 error page will usually say 'Sorry, something went wrong' and link to the home page.

Custom 404 Error Page DesignThe fact is, 404 errors will happen.

However, 70% of users will leave a website after experiencing a 404 error. Don't let them leave your site without a fight.

Having a creative custom 404 page design can convert a poor customer experience into an engagement.

Turn a 404 into anopportunity to re-engage and convert your visitors!

Best 404 Page Design

Funny 404 Pages

Rather, then a typical 404 error page and taking the chance users may leave your site. We create an opportunity to inform and redirect visitors back to the main web pages of your site.


Triple Option will design a custom 404 error page that gets users to take action. Your 404 error page can offer a promo code, sign-up, get a laugh, and include call-to-action to re-engage users.

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404 Page Design

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Custom 404 Error Page Design

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Custom 404 Page Design



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We don't just optimize for search engines.
We optimize for the web.

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404 Page Design Funny 404 Pages

We don't just optimize for search engines.
We optimize for the web.

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